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    We didn't go after the reclassification, Cali decided to try and force us. Not only did it encompass more than just an impact to rideshare, but it did so with no regard to what that would of meant for 60% of the current drivers at that time. Im sure there is no need to go back over the idea of being an employee vs independent.

    Today the service is not as great as it could be as far as earnings, but i also don't chalk that up to us voting one way or another. I think the entire world since then has had a major event or change in their lives. Day to day routines, travels, concerns, financial uncertainty, a whole lot of change.

    Most of all the main reason i even do this job and its to have my flexibility. That is why i do it. At least i can make something, but without that id if made nothing. I only drive when there is enough incentive to do so. If its not worth it i head home. There are days where you can just make so much. Anyways, thats my opinion only. I di know the full times people are struggling and the companies horrible gas price help was pathetic. take take take...🤦‍♂️

    This has hurt us all riders and drivers. California was hell bent on putting these companies down and whether or not it was to protect us workers,

    Yeah of course insurance is the same as if you got covered cali but you can get reimbursed for it now. Now most minimum wage jobs i had didn't offer me insurance. Instead what tgese two companies would if done is limit how much you can work and force us to go without offering us coverage.

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